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Sue is not only a muscle maker, she is a miracle maker.  Sue completely transformed me from a cardio queen to helping me compete in my first figure competition, placing 2nd!  I lost body fat and gained muscle, which was my goal.  Sue runs the gamut in terms of training range, from novice to competitors.  I found Sue looking for someone who knew what they were doing, and wow, did I find that!  

She's straight forward, honest and experienced.  Whether you're looking to lose a few pounds, build muscle, compete, see Sue!  She works with all levels.

If you want to be the best, work with the best. Look at Sue and you'll see what I mean.  She definitely practices what she preaches.  You will not regret it!  



Sue is an astonishing trainer! There are no words to express the level of her skills, experience, and commitment. Sue is what Japanese refer to as Shokunin, someone who has dedicated their life to an art and is a master of the art. 

What I love about training with Sue is her presence, curiosity, and genuine support! She is always fully focused on your body while you train. Sue comes up with new ideas on how to train. I have learned so much about my body and the several ways to use machines and weight! So with Sue on your side, you never stop learning. 

She is also a great accountability partner! Thanks to her diligence and commitment I did the impossible and am sticking to a new lifestyle (food and training) I would have never imagined being possible. 



Sue has been my trainer for several years and I wouldn't trust anyone else.  Let's face it, despite being a gym card holding gal for nearly 20 years, I'm not someone who enjoys going to the gym (can think of just about anything I'd rather be doing)!  Lucky for me, Sue somehow seems to make even a difficult workout fun and interesting for me.  

She genuinely cares about her clients and leads by example (, have you seen her body... if that's not going to motivate you to weight lift, what will?).  She also brings a high level of knowledge and versatility to my sessions.  During the course of my trainings with Sue, she has been great about changing up my workouts to accommodate my varied goals, non-related injuries, schedules, and supplemental exercise routines.

Perhaps most importantly, Sue is not only a great trainer, but also a really, really great person.  I'd highly recommend her.


The other day I was working out with my trainer Sue. I was re-racking some weights when a mountain of a man came up to me, smiles and asked "you workout with Sue"? To which I replied "I sure do". He looked at me with a smile and said "She's the best". I've been working out with Sue for a number of years now and I can honestly say that of the various trainers I've worked with Sue is by far the best. 


I trained with Sue for many years at Golds Gym. She is focused, highly skilled and transforms your body. I am 39 years old and have received the following results: a lean body, I look and feel very healthy, I am taller. I was diagnosed with scoliosis in grade school and by doing weights with Sue twice a week my spine straightened out about 1/2 an inch. I went from 5'3" to 5'3.5".  

Sue listens carefully to your goals and builds a consistent plan around them for the best results. She leverages her expertise in nutrition and the human body's design. She is extremely intelligent and sticks to a plan. I really killed myself at a startup and did not see Sue for a year and and was out of shape from stress and bad eating habits with no exercise. 

When I got back into the gym with Sue I gained back 5 years. This is a highly experienced trainer who you can trust and she will transform your body into a proportioned, lean muscle machine.  Thank you, Sue. I can't recommend her highly enough! 


If you are looking for a trainer who will motivate you through your workouts, give you great training advice and have fun at the same time, then Sue is your person. Her knowledge is top notch from her experience during her training and competitive body building days.  She still looks great and obviously takes care of herself which is a great motivator for her clients.  She takes the time to plan each workout, taking into consideration how your body has been responding to your most recent workouts. 


In one word? She is amazing

But let's get into more detail with that out of the way. Before we started our session she took the time to understand about my goals and needs and prescribed my training/workouts accordingly.

During the session she was completely focused on me and made sure I was making good mind muscle connection.  We didn't waste any time doing exercises that were NOT in line with my goals and she showed me exercises for body parts that I specifically requested. Bravo!

In you're looking to do a bodybuilding competition she is perfect for you, general health and fitness?

She is perfect for that too

She is the trainer of champions! And

I want to be one.


I love Sue!

Sue was my trainer years back and let me tell you what a world of difference she made in my life. Sue is the type of trainer that stays on point with her clients. My personal experience with her was that she has a high level of accountability and she knows how to motivate an individual.

I respect Sue not only because I have been a client of her's and would go back in a heart beat if I had the time in my schedule, but because I myself am a personal trainer.  When I trained with Sue she was always watching my form, never giving her attention to anyone else on the gym floor, my time I paid for was my time, I achieved my results in less time then I thought, she cares about me as a person, and above all she knows how to give proper support to a individual whom truly wants to commit to a real program and not mess around. 

I hope that if you are reading this and make it your choice to train with Sue you know she means business and you should too. Her prices are totally fair and well within reason and she is worth every penny. 


I was very scared to go to a gym at first-but Sue made that all a thing of the past. She is a wonderful,caring, motivated, energetic person who has  all the knowledge and experience to help ANYONE find and reach their fitness goal.   Sue shapes and defines you inside and out. If you're thinking about a personal  trainer-look no further because this is the best you'll  ever find. Sue is the complete package. If you want to be healthy, if you want to change your body,  If you want to see results,  Sue will truly change your life!!


I have been working out with Sue for about a year and a half.  I have worked out with several fine trainers over the years, but I've never gotten the quality of results I'm getting with Sue.  I've lost 15 lbs, toned my entire body and have the best muscle definition of my life (and I was a three-sport athlete in high school!)  She knows exactly what you need to do to get the results you want.

Beyond the results, Sue is just fun to work out with and has become a good friend.  Our workouts go by quickly as we chat in between sets.  I actually look forward to hitting the gym, even after a long day at work.  She is also very sensitive to whatever is going on with your body that day, be it low energy, back pain, whatever - she adjusts accordingly.


I  was never one for personal trainers - either it was because they were completely unprofessional or I never felt like I was being pushed to my limits, but then I met Sue.  I travel 30 miles 3x a week to see her - and it is completely worth it!  I have seen results that I thought were never possible - immediate changes in my physique that is all due to her guidance, experience, patience, and professionalism.   You can tell immediately that she takes a genuine, heartfelt interest in her clients while at the same time, knowing exactly how hard to push you to get the results you desire.

Sue is not only the Trainer of Champions; she is a really an amazing person.  I consider myself very fortunate to have found someone that has changed my life - not only inside the gym, but outside as well. 


Sue is the best.  She's not only a great trainer, but a lifestyle changer.  The stuff she's taught me has stayed with me.  I've now moved out of town and can no longer train with her, but the lessons I learned really help.  Unlike a lot of other personal trainers, she's (1) ALWAYS on time,(2) extremely attentive, and (3) very reasonably priced.  All that with a winning personality!  Two BIG thumbs up!!!  



I have been training with Sue  for about two years now; although I have been weight training/bodybuilding for twenty-five years, Sue has added a new dimension to my training regimen.  Two years ago, my training had reached a stagnant plateau.  

I had noticed Sue at Gold's gym, and observed the way she paid attention to her clients.  Moreover, I was impressed by the results that her clients were making.  It was clear to me that Sue knew her business and could help me over a slump.

With that said, since I have been training with Sue, my strength levels have been through the roof!  I have dropped body fat, added muscle mass, and feel a renewed level of motivation and enthusiasm toward my training.  With Sue, I am constantly making gains AND learning, even after twenty-five years of training!  I owe Sue a huge debt of gratitude. 



One of the best trainers I've ever worked hard with. 
Sue is amazing. 
She keeps me on track and motivated. 
Her advice is solid and thoughtful. 
I feel safe when I work out and happily sore the next day. 
Sue offers constructive pointers and suggestions so that I can reach my fitness goals. 
My training feels personal and enjoyable. 
HARD WORK- the real thing 
Looking  forward to my MONDAY session no matter how much fun I've had over the weekend.
That's how much I love my trainer! 



I have been working out with a personal trainers for over fifteen years. I like the focus it adds to my workouts and the results are worth the money. Sue is the most recent trainer I have used and she is the best yet. She is very dedicated and really takes an interest in getting results from each and every exercise. She is absolutely diligent about correcting the form for every exercise and she has an uncanny ability to know just how far to push you to get your maximum effort. 

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