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MuscleMakerSue Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder, San Francico, CA

Meet Sue Epperson

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I've been successfully training clients for 23 years using my expertise to help them achieve their goals of a better body.  You'll see that I practice what I preach. 


My method is efficient results-oriented training.  The purpose of every workout is to change your body.  I will teach you what to do and how to do it so you continue to succeed when you're working out on your own.  I also provide meal plans specific to you. 


You will be motivated by your progress.



Personal trainer, bodybuilder, san francisco, ca, MuscleMakerSue


I competed in my first bodybuilding competition at the 1990 NPC San Francisco Bodybuilding Championships at which I placed third.  Not bad for my first competition and definitely a lot of fun.



Don't dream it, be it.


"Sue is not only a muscle maker, she is a miracle maker.  Sue completely transformed me from a cardio queen to helping me compete in my first figure competition, placing 2nd. I lost body fat and gained muscle..."  Estelle 

"Sue is an astonishing trainer! There are no words to express the level of her skills, experience, and commitment. Sue is what Japanese refer to as Shokunin, someone who has dedicated their life to an art and is a master of the art."  Negar

"Sue is hands down the Best Trainer in San Francisco Bay Area.  I  was never one for personal trainers - either it was because they were completely unprofessional or I never felt like I was being pushed to my limits, but then I met Sue." Jennifer 

"Sue is the best.  She's not only a great trainer, but a lifestyle changer." Gabrial 



Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder